Our canine and feline friends share our homes with us, but they also maintain some instincts of wild critters. One aspect of this fact is that when dogs or cats are sick, when they develop an illness, a malady, pain or discomfort, they hide their symptoms for as long as they can. It is because that in the wild when an animal shows weakness it becomes vulnerable and its chances for survival decrease. Therefore, if you notice no symptoms of ailment or distress, that doesn't mean your pet is healthy.

    What if we could constantly monitor the health condition of our dogs and cats 365/24/7?  
    What if we could have them thoroughly examined without subjecting them to unpleasant poking and prodding?  
    What if we could detect diseases or pathologies when they just arise and be able to reverse the situation?  
    What if we could always know when our pet is suffering pain or discomfort?  
    What if we could tell what's going on with our pet even when we're not home?  

A disease can develop quickly, i.e. acute disease, or slowly and gradually, i.e. chronic disease. In either case, early detection is of great importance. Catching a disease in its early phase and alerting your veterinarian:

Saves your pet the pains and
   aches of being sick,

Gives the veterinarian more
   options for treatment,

Saves medical costs,

Confers a better prognosis.

Preventive medicine is gaining attention in human medicine. Why is it not the same with our four-legged companions? Most dogs and cats see the veterinarian an average of once or twice a year. However, when you consider their shorter life span and accelerated aging, it means that an average pet gets the equivalent of a 10 minutes check-up only once in 3-7 human years!

As protectors of our beloved pets, we should do more to advance their welfare and well-being, to watch over them more closely, to monitor their health and overall condition, and gain the peace of mind that their happiness is secured. The question, then, is how do we achieve that in the face of the obstacles described above?

PetPace's innovative technology is going to revolutionize veterinary health care and provide pets with the welfare and well-being they deserve.

PetPace Collar is a patented smart collar, fitted with multiple sensors and backed by sophisticated veterinary software and a huge data base, which seamlessly and non-invasively reads the patient's vital signs, physiological and behavioral parameters. The collar provides early detection for most diseases or illnesses that may afflict a dog or a cat in its life-time and alerts the owner and the designated veterinarian to take swift action. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate the specific needs or health risks of any breed, age, life-style or geographical location of your pet.

The continuous data that accumulates over time builds a health profile of your pet and enables you to make comparisons with other similar dogs or cats, get periodical health reports and even communicate with like-minded owners on a private social network. Most of all, it will give you the peace of mind that disease, pain or discomfort, will not go unnoticed.